About Us

Our story is simple: I grew up wanting a ranch and schemed about it with my younger brother, Brian, since we were boys. I have always had a passion for the outdoors, and after raising 2 children, 4 hunting dogs, and 2 horses, my efforts to move further and further from civilization were realized!

Twenty-three years later, after a full career as a Navy pilot, a post-retirement stint adjusting to civilian life and on the precipice of becoming a full-blown “ empty nester”, I stumbled into the perfect opportunity. Today, that has become Sullivan Creek Ranch, home of the Flying A brand.

Nestled in the foothills of North Alabama the ranch is a beautiful, sprawling 300 acres of mixed pasture and woods with gorgeous Sullivan Creek weaving in-and-out of its boundaries. Previously owned by an elderly farmer, it was slowly falling into disrepair, and he was hoping to find someone with the passion and work ethic to reclaim its natural beauty and continue to raise cattle. I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

I selectively purchased part of the commercial herd that was on the property, and as I began strategizing and learning about the cattle industry, I was fortunate to make friends with great people who were experienced and willing to feed my desire to become a cattle rancher. Under the consultation of my veterinarian and new friend, a long-time cow-man, we started shifting the direction of the ranch towards a concept we had always loved: a ranch-to-table venue where folks could buy exceptional, naturally raised American beef AND see exactly how it was done.

Today, Sullivan Creek Ranch is driven to accomplish that goal and have the Flying A brand represent all that we honor in this great country: service, sacrifice, and the American spirit of rugged individualism. Sullivan Creek Ranch is a dream realized.

– Greg Anderson