The Flying A Way!

The Sullivan Creek Ranch Mission

Sullivan Creek Ranch strives to provide our customers exceptional beef through a ranch-to-table experience with focus on transparent, natural processes. We are dedicated to enduring relationships and the highest moral, ethical and safety standards in all aspects of our business.

The Flying A Way is a value-based approach to beef. Quite simply, we want to produce the highest quality beef possible and make it accessible to discerning customers. Combined with ranch-to-table transparency for the complete package, we hope to build enduring relationships that continue to promote the healthful benefits of naturally raised protein.

Our philosophy: We truly believe more people should see where their beef is raised and shake the hands of the ranchers doing it. Why not? We also believe cattle can be handled humanely, methodically and as quietly as possible. We strive to perform all necessary work on our herd in this manner and seek to improve our methods and our facilities continuously.

How do we plan to do it?
There is an old saying about how takes two lifetimes to be an expert on certain subjects. Since that isn’t possible, we subscribe to a focus on strategic relationships. Pairing our work ethic and motivation with the acquired knowledge and expertise of similarly minded ranchers is, in our opinion, a force multiplier. Seeking consultation on: breed; herd management; genotype and phenotype optimization; forage management; healthy animals; and sustainability we accelerate the ability to deliver on our promise to you.

We have committed to the pursuit of American Akaushi (Japanese Red Wagyu) genetics as a quality influencer in our herd. For expertise, we have developed a relationship with Heartbrand Beef in Harwood, Texas. They share our commitment to delivering an all-natural product and provide excellent counsel on the beneficial effects of this outstanding breed in our program.

Additionally, we have aligned ourselves with similarly minded, local producers who share our vision and hope to participate in our presentation of the ranch-to-table concept.

Please come experience the Flying A Way for yourself!